WIFI Smart Net Robot Camera


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Pls Note: It doesn’t support 5Ghz wifi.

– Home security and remote monitoring of your property
– Business premises monitoring
– HD carcorder
– Conference meeting webcam (utlizing built-in microphone and speaker)
– Remote monitoring and communication with elderly or vulnerable relatives
– Monitoring of pets whilst away from home
– Saying “hi” to the kids whilst you are away from home

Easy Set-up
LiFu have attempted to make the set-up process as simple as possible. The aim is to have you set-up and ready to do within 5 minutes. Plug in the network and power leads, download the app and then install, and off you go!

Night Vision
Even with the lights off the LiFu HD camera will see everything that is going on. Even at night, with its infrared lights, it will record in black and white and ensure you don’t miss a trick.

Monitor from Multiple Devices
With support for PC, Macs and even Linux, you can monitor your home or workplace on practically any computer. Download the app and you can even monitor and control your Auledio camera using your smartphone or tablet.

Crystal Clear HD Video

Enjoy high quality video with 2MP HD resolution for clear, sharp picture quality. High resolution delivers more than just a pretty picture, it enables you to zoom-in and see details with more clarity.


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