Two Tier Dish Rack Drainer


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Water and metal generally don’t have a good track record!

We specially engineered a high quality metal composite for our products to resolve this issue. This metal has an anti-rust layer 4 times thicker than some similar products on the market.

Large Storage

The Titan Kitchenware dish drainer is perfectly sized for most draining boards, but also may be used directly on the countertop as it comes with an removable drip tray.

Up to 17 plates can be stored on the top level and bowls and cups can be stored on the bottom.

Chopping Board Attachment

Our previous design had a cup holder attachment, but this was flimsy and caused cups to drop off.

This new chopping board attachment helps save extra space on the dish rack and also can be hooked over any side depending on your preference.

The curved S shape is a stylish and attractive design in any kitchen.

The top level has space to drain up to 17 plates, while the lower level is ideal for bowls, mugs and glasses. Included with this design are two detachable extra fittings; a chopping board holder and a utensil/cutlery drainer.

  • Anti-Rust
  • Attractive Two Tier Design
  • Chopping Board Attachment
  • High Quality
  • Drip Tray


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