Alivio Rotary Airer 4 Arm 45M


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  • 4 ARM 45M ROTARY AIRER – Built to last, our highly stable and extra heavy-duty rotary whirligig has a mould, rust and weatherproof powder-coated tubular frame, 45M of PVC coated rope drying line – enough for a large family – and includes a protective cover and ground spike
  • EASY INSTALL AND ASSEMBLY – The included ground socket and spike should be sunk into the ground, and provides a secure and sturdy base for the airer to sit atop, preventing it moving in heavy winds
  • FULLY WEATHERPROOF – The powder coating on the tubular steel frame prevents mould, mildew, and rust, as well as being easy to clean, while the included cover can be used to protect the lines and mechanism overnight and for longer periods of time
  • NEW STYLE MECHANISM – We’ve simplified the opening and closing mechanism of the airer, adding a choice of 4 height positions, to vary the tension in the lines while retracting is extremely straightforward by holding the soft grip handle, depressing the catch and gentle letting it close
  • SPECIFICATION – 45m of PVC coated drying line, opened diameter 206cm, arm length 146cm, retracted height 82cm, extends to maximum height 194cm

Get rid of your environmentally unsound and energy inefficient tumble drier, and free up precious indoor kitchen and radiator space by hanging your washing outside to dry with our LIVIVO Outdoor Garden Rotary Airer.

Ideal for drying large amounts of washing without crisscrossing precious outdoor space with traditional washing lines, the footprint of this unit is only 2m even when extended and provides 45m of quality PVC-coated drying lines. It can be assembled and collapsed in seconds, requiring no strength or effort thanks to our newly refined design on the opening mechanism which makes it as easy as extending an umbrella.

A choice of 4 heights increases and removes tension from the lines, while the inclusion of a hardy, heavy-duty cover means it can be left out and covered to protect against the elements.

The airer rotates near the neck in the traditional whirligig fashion, giving all the clothes and items an equal chance of drying, and by changing the tension of the lines you can prevent heavier items sagging.

Finally, the steel frame is dipped in fine powder and melted on (aka Powder Coating), which is not only attractive but seals the unit against rain, mould and mildew and makes it extremely easy to wipe clean. The lines are also PVC Coated for long lasting weather and rot protection.

As well as the ALIVIO 4 Arm Rotary Airer with 45m of PVC coated drying line, the package also includes a ground spike for keeping your airer affixed and stable, an extension pole to raise the unit higher and finally a waterproof cover for overnight or prolonged storage.

Our new and improved mechanism makes opening and closing your airer as simple as opening an umbrella thanks to our re-designed mechanism.

From the closed position, simply use one hand on the easy-grip support handle, and slide up the pole until you reach the locking catch. The catch has 4 steps, each providing more tightness to the lines.

Once you’re done, simply depress the catch and let gravity do its work to close the airer

The whirligig has 45m of high-quality PVC coated mould, mildew and weather-resistant PVC coated washing line.

More than enough for a large family, and capable of bearing the load of heavy items like types of denim, jackets and duvets.

The matt black powder-coated finish on the steel frame tones down the metal parts, allowing it to blend seamlessly with your existing garden decor.

The choice of green PVC to laminate the drying ropes will blend with grass, trees and foliage, making the airer viable for leaving out without causing an eyesore to your view.


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