Alivio Electric Balloon Air, Portable Dual Nozzle High Power (AC220-240V 600W) Inflator Blower Pump


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  • Lightweight and portable design ;The inflation rate is fast, saving time; Double pump, balloon air pump.
  • Dual operation modes: automatic and semi-automatic modes. The automatic mode provides fast inflation, while the semi-automatic mode allows you to control the air flow to prevent the balloon from bursting.
  • Extra-long Nozzle Tips: Small balloons? Extended nozzle tips can handle them all. Simply screw in the long tips. You can inflate two Small balloons at once.
  • Safety configuration: electric balloon air pump has advanced wire storage and automatic protection device.
  • Input voltage: 220-240V UK power supply; color: pink.
  • Included components: Electric Pumps

You can choose an electric balloon pump to create a warm atmosphere and enjoy a wonderful time for parties such as birthdays, weddings, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, receptions, grand opening ceremonies and so on. .1. Switch: After the switch is pressed, the air hole is directly vented. After the switch is closed, the blue air hole is pressed to release the gas. After the gas is released, the balloon is pressed tightly to the air outlet to prevent air leakage due to pinching.2. Gas nozzle: This random device is provided with two extended small gas nozzles, which is convenient to use when punching smaller balloons. .3. Storage box: equipped with wires and plugs, saving space, safe and convenient. .4. Environmental protection materials: made of high quality environmental protection materials, non-toxic and odorless, safe and reliable. 5. Anti-slip: The humanized anti-slip pad design at the bottom prevents slipping and preventing it from falling or sliding at random when on a table or other places. 6. Heat dissipation: The air inlet and the heat dissipation opening are designed to generate heat when the motor is turned on. The heat is dissipated through this to ensure that the motor can work for a long time.


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