Magical 3D Drawing Board


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Create 3D rockets, cars, sports and more pictures with the Magical 3D Drawing Board
Trace over the pictures, place them on the board and turn on the lamp
Turn lights off, put on the 3D glasses and watch the pictures come to life

Take your drawing into a whole new dimension with the Magical 3D Drawing Board. This set has a fun space theme, which you’ll see on the four double-sided pictures that come in the pack. There are also four neon pens – blue, green, pink and orange. Use the pictures to trace a design onto the drawing board, or make anything you want. Then put the board on the base, and switch on the light. With your 3D glasses on, see your picture spring into amazing 3D life! Then when you’re ready for a new design, just wipe your drawing board clean and start again.

Includes: 4 neon pens, pictures, 3D glasses and drawing board.


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