Anti-hair Loss Shampoo Thick Dexe 200ml C1


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1. This is a mild, concentrated shampoo with effective cleaning function that contains protein and plant extracts for nourishing and moisturizing scalp, leaving soft, shining gloss on the hair.
2. The herbal extract helps to rebuild hair structure, providing abundant water to the cuticle layer of the hair and the scalp, then solves split hair and broken hair problems, which will bring the hair a nourishing effect and silky feeling

Anti-Hair loss shampoo:
DEXE anti-hair loss shampoo promotes natural hair growth, your hair will feel stronger and will have more grip based on the especially formulated natural engineering for your hair
recharges men’s hair every day, cleanses the scalp during washing and has a refreshing effect
1. rinse hair and scalp to remove debris and oil before application
2. evenly apply shampoo, gently and thoroughly massage hair and scalp and leave on for 2 minutes to dissolve harmful substance
3. thoroughly rinse off shampoo, please make sure to clean your scalp as well, doing so will ensure the removal of harmul substance, healthy scalp promotes hair regrowth.


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