Tea Lights Candles 8 Hour Burning Time


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Premium Tea Light Candles – Crafted by genuine candle artisans our tea lights are made from 100% paraffin wax and a clean, even burn without the smoke to provide soft, warm lighting perfect for setting the mood or atmosphere.
Take Time to Relax and Unwind – One of the great things about unscented tealight candles is they’re not only great for parties, events, or holidays they can surround a bath so you can slip into blissful solitude and let the long day fade away.
Long-Lasting Burn Time – These small tealight candles offer tons of versatility for displays and provide up to 8 hours of burn time each. And with 50 tealights in every tealight candles bulk pack you’ll find tons of ways to enjoy them all over the house.
Pressed and High-Wax Content – Unlike poured candles these are pressed tealight candles which means they have a higher wax content (12g) and come shrink-wrapped to keep them neat and organized until they’re ready to use.


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