60W 6L Water Tank Air Cooler Breeze


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  • HIGH COOLING EFFICIENCY:  Stay cool and relaxed with our quiet and powerful 4L, portable air cooler. Able to function as either a cooler or a humidifier, this device is perfect for hot summer days. With adjustable speed and 120-degree oscillation function, your space will maintain a constant temperature even on the warmest nights. Comes with Icepack included.
  • ADJUSTABLE OSCILLATION 120 degrees auto-swing – helps rotate air in your room, keeping it nice and fresh. The oscillating fan is adjustable, which means you can turn it off if you just want the air flowing in one direction.
  • BETTER AIR QUALITY: This highly efficient air cooler has a built-in anti-dust filter that makes the air quality cleaner and helps you to sleep comfortably this summer!
  • HUMIDIFIER: The water in the generous tank of 4L generates water vapour that humidifies the dry room during hot weather.
  • CONTROL PANEL FEATURES: ‘speed’ button (low, medium and high), swing button to enable airflow through the room, air cooler enabled with water so cooler air.


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